New Mix: [ZPFM05] Stefan Senk – Freitag Tanzen! / Gold Bad Kreuznach / 2014-04-25

This time with a 2,5 hour live recording of my latest gig in one of my residency clubs, the Gold club in Bad Kreuznach. I played from 4am to the end, so I had my favourite play time and brought the party to a nice finish. Thanks for all the great feedback at the party and enjoy the mix! If you like the mix, feel free to make a comment, send me a message or repost this mix. Thank you!

ZEROPOINTFIVE12 – Stefan Senk – Nitrat Remixes


cat#: zeropointfive12
release date: 2014-02-25

Zero Point Five Records comes back in 2014 with a remix ep of Stefan Senks Track Nitrat, which was released in summer last year. The release contains 5 new versions by Jonas Rech, Peter Sturm, David Sharife and one re-edit of Stefan Senk himfelf. Dark, deep and smoothy melodic sounds are combined in all these new edits. So have a listen! Mastering by plan-e

available at beatport and juno

ZEROPOINTFIVE11 – Peter Sturm & Stefan Senk – Licht & Dunkel EP


cat#: zeropointfive11
release date: 2013-08-01

This time Zero Point Five presents a 4 track split ep with 2 tracks by Peter Sturm, also known as one part of PN-X-TG, who has already released nice tunes on Zero Point Five, and 2 tracks by label owner Stefan Senk. The german title Licht & Dunkel discribes the different sound of the severeal tracks. The tracks from Peter Sturm are very clear and brillant techno tunes, in the opposite the 2 straight, progressive and kind of dark tracks by Stefan Senk.

available at beatport and juno

ZEROPOINTFIVE09 – PN-X-TG – Weiss EP Remixes


cat#: zeropointfive09
release date: 2012-11-23

PN-X-TG came from the depth of bavaria to show their weiss EP to the music world. No it’s time for the remixes. Presented by [b]EAT, the techno man from Bonn (Germany), Der Portugiese aka Michael Nunes. He presents his melodic remix. And the last one from the label head Stefan Senk.
Available at beatport and juno.



cat#: zeropointfive08
release date: 2012-03-15

From the depths of bavaria / Germany this duo comes to present his own style, the call it Progressivesexyebmtechno. In this release of Zero Point Five Records PN-X-TG shows there straight and fluffy side of the electronic music. With their release weiss EP they show how to fit the single parts of Blau, Gruen, and Rot, fit together in the whole name weiss.

available at beatport and juno.