23.01.2015 // Freitag Tanzen! Birthday Special // Gold – Bad Kreuznach



Und weiter geht die Feierei! Am 23.01. bin ich wieder im Gold, aber natürlich nicht alleine. Ich feiere zusammen mit meinen 3 Buddies Hendrik Schrandt, Shufflelectric und Emeras unseren jeweiligen Geburtstag und lassen den Laden schön beben. Also mind. 4 Gründe den Club zu besuchen!

Es wird bunt, happy, cool und laut sowieso!!




New Mix: [ZPFM05] Stefan Senk – Freitag Tanzen! / Gold Bad Kreuznach / 2014-04-25

This time with a 2,5 hour live recording of my latest gig in one of my residency clubs, the Gold club in Bad Kreuznach. I played from 4am to the end, so I had my favourite play time and brought the party to a nice finish. Thanks for all the great feedback at the party and enjoy the mix! If you like the mix, feel free to make a comment, send me a message or repost this mix. Thank you!

ZEROPOINTFIVE12 – Stefan Senk – Nitrat Remixes


cat#: zeropointfive12
release date: 2014-02-25

Zero Point Five Records comes back in 2014 with a remix ep of Stefan Senks Track Nitrat, which was released in summer last year. The release contains 5 new versions by Jonas Rech, Peter Sturm, David Sharife and one re-edit of Stefan Senk himfelf. Dark, deep and smoothy melodic sounds are combined in all these new edits. So have a listen! Mastering by plan-e

available at beatport and juno

ZEROPOINTFIVE11 – Peter Sturm & Stefan Senk – Licht & Dunkel EP


cat#: zeropointfive11
release date: 2013-08-01

This time Zero Point Five presents a 4 track split ep with 2 tracks by Peter Sturm, also known as one part of PN-X-TG, who has already released nice tunes on Zero Point Five, and 2 tracks by label owner Stefan Senk. The german title Licht & Dunkel discribes the different sound of the severeal tracks. The tracks from Peter Sturm are very clear and brillant techno tunes, in the opposite the 2 straight, progressive and kind of dark tracks by Stefan Senk.

available at beatport and juno